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ACS Business Group

ACS Business Group is a proposed team concentrating on marketing of our products. We have come up with a lot of new ideas and are aiming very high to establish our products all over India and across the world.

  1. The people who are the members of ACS Rabbit Breeders Association are eligible to be the partners of ACS Business Group.
  2. The main Intention of ACS Business Group is to create a good demand in the market.
  3. We have a Big Dream to build our company as one of the leading Branded Company in Retail Industry.
  4. We are working on a project to start our own Rabbit Meat stall on every major city of India.
  5. These outlets will be operated under franchisees.
  6. These outlets will serve the people with Dressed Rabbit Meat with packing, frozen with Halal cut
  7. We introduce franchisees of our outlets to our clients who are interested to start their business with us
  8. The main purpose of our outlets is to supply the best Nutritional food to our people and the meat stock produced from our client’s farm of surrounding area will be sold in these Outlets only so that we can avoid the transportation expenses.
  9. Rabbit manure is very fertile compared to other manure so it is very useful for agricultural purposes. Now we are selling Rabbit manure at Rs.15 per kg, with a packing of 25kg bags.
  10. As our company slogan is "LET'S GROW TOGETHER", we have decided to share some part of our profit from our outlets with our clients