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ACS Rabbit Breeders Association

ACS RABBIT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION is a group of our clients who have started their business along with our company.

  1. All the clients who belong to this association will be the members to our future projects.
  2. We are supporting our clients with 100% marketing for Rabbit meat all over South India.
  3. We have already engaged with major meat markets of different parts of our country, so that we will assure our clients with guaranteed rate for the product.
  4. We have adopted Network Marketing System to market our product in different parts of our country.
  5. We have got tie-up with the major star restaurants, Resorts and Event Management Companies to sell our meat product so that we can assure our clients with Best price than market price.
  6. The main intension of the Association is to make a Group of Breeders and get united so that we can approach government for financial support as well as Marketing.