ACS Farm

Leader and Guide in Rabbit Farming

ACS Youth Club

ACS YOUTH’S CLUB is based on Social Services. Our intention is to support the people of our society to build their life by themselves.

We are not thinking only about our business, we are also helping all types of peoples like educated, uneducated, students, unemployed youth, ladies and housewives etc. to create their own self-employed business and lead their life satisfactorily.

Our social services are driven by our own funds without outside contributions.

We are providing training and information about all the self employed business types as follows.

  1. Different types of painting on materials
  2. Arts and Handicrafts
  3. Manufacture of Soaps, detergents and shampoo and hair oil.
  4. Bio-degradable disposable plates with paper and Areca plant products.

Our other services are:

  1. Blood donation camps
  2. Free Eye/ other health checkup camps
  3. Eye donation movement.